What we do

The Novum Group is a consortium of diversified and adept companies brought together by the commonality of blockchain.


Ideate & Integrate

We help companies integrate blockchain technology into their existing or new business models to build a more efficient and cohesive ecosystem. Working together with business owners, we are involved from ideation to go-to-market execution.


Invest & Scale

Through our advisory and venture fund, we work with entrepreneurs to build and grow top in the market blockchain companies and solution providers.


Educate & Collaborate

At Novum, we believe in working hand-in-hand with industry partners. The blockchain community is fragmented, but we do better as a whole by pooling resources together across countries and companies.

Knowledge bridges gaps. We offer up-to-date news as well as informative pieces on the blockchain landscape. Taking education offline, monthly sharing sessions featuring thought leaders are held in both Singapore and Thailand.

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The Novum Edge

‘Semper Anticus’

A diverse yet complementary group of companies weaved together by the technology commonality – blockchain. Since our inception, we have witnessed the demise of many chains in similar spaces, while the remnants navigate reactively without possessing the strong optics necessary in this fast-changing technology space. We continue unbound, focused and aware that this journey takes more than courage and determination.

We understand that it takes a team, or rather a family, to amplify, reinforce and crystalise the results that The Novum Group aims to achieve.

Christopher Low, Chairman